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Lessons Learned – steps2startup at University of Cologne

I was recently invited to speak about my lessons learned as a startup entrepreneur at the steps2startup program at the University of Cologne.

steps2startup is a student initiative at the University of Cologne to help young people interested in startups and entrepreneurship build their network and exchange experiences and ideas with like-minded people. It is important for entrepreneurs to get started on their ideas and build on their business, so they will need as much advice as they can get, this may even mean contacting a trade secret lawyer California firm or a firm in their location so they can see how they can protect their ideas.

It was inspiring to see about 50+ student in attendance at a very busy exam time.

Here are the slides I used:

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I’m going back to school!

Recently I had the great humbling fortune to be awarded a scholarship for the Global Entrepreneur Accelerator Program at the Deusto Business School in Bilbao, Spain.

So next week I’m going to be in Bilbao knee deep in global entrepreneurship acceleration! Yay! :)

I’m incredibly humbled to receive such an honor and super excited to going back to university and meeting a lot of new awesome people!

Bilbao 2 007

My old school I dropped out of way back in the last century sure didn’t look like this…



Faculty and mentors included startup legends like Chris Shipley – founder of the DEMO conference, Diane Greene – co-founder of VMWare, Doug Solomon – former CTO of IDEO and current IDEO Fellow, Alex Cruz – CEO of Vueling and Dave Siffry – founder of Technorati.


WTF: Social Capital

I recently had the pleasure to hold a WTF lecture at the Knowmads business school in Amsterdam.

The subject of my talk was social capital, the difference between bonding capital and bridging capital, why I believe we need more of the latter and how I share the belief that we live in a network economy; I believe it’s no longer about what you know or how you know – It’s about how many types of people you know.

It’s a subject near and dear to me and one of the reasons I’m co-founding Gauss – The People Magnet.

Knowmads is a business school that educate young creative entrepreneurial spirits. Check out this video to learn more:

Thanks for having me over, guys! It was a hoot! I hope we can do it again some time. :)