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Gauss @ SXSW 2012

Gauss arrived at SXSW in Austing, Texas:

To pitch at Frank Gruber’s (@FrankGruber) TechCocktail SXSW Startuplife Showcase:

Where we met and pitched awesome people like Don Dodge (@dondodge) and Ben Parr (@benparr)…

And got invited to the incredible Startup Weekend VIP party by Déborah and James:

And got interviewed by the wonderful StartupLive:

And Harald Neidhart (@hneidhardt) of MLOVE:

Got invited personally by his awesomeness himself, Robert Scoble (@scobleizer) to the Rackspace / Startup Bus party:

Ate late night post-party pizza with the awesome people of SendGrid:

Thanked the amazing Gary Vaynerchuk (@garyvee) in person for retweeting us:

Pitched the legend Steve Blank (@sgblank):

Who loves Gauss and called it a killer app:

And gave us a signed copy of his new book with this awesome testimonial:

Hung out with the awesome twitter master Calvin Lee (@mayhemstudios):

Hung around the Austin Hilton pitching all sorts of awesome people, including Micael Yavonditte (@mikeyavo) who hated us – but which is sort of OK since he hates all location based services – including Foursquare:

And so much, much more.. .

Check out the Gauss blog for more.