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Gauss @ SXSW 2012

Gauss arrived at SXSW in Austing, Texas:

To pitch at Frank Gruber’s (@FrankGruber) TechCocktail SXSW Startuplife Showcase:

Where we met and pitched awesome people like Don Dodge (@dondodge) and Ben Parr (@benparr)…

And got invited to the incredible Startup Weekend VIP party by Déborah and James:

And got interviewed by the wonderful StartupLive:

And Harald Neidhart (@hneidhardt) of MLOVE:

Got invited personally by his awesomeness himself, Robert Scoble (@scobleizer) to the Rackspace / Startup Bus party:

Ate late night post-party pizza with the awesome people of SendGrid:

Thanked the amazing Gary Vaynerchuk (@garyvee) in person for retweeting us:

Pitched the legend Steve Blank (@sgblank):

Who loves Gauss and called it a killer app:

And gave us a signed copy of his new book with this awesome testimonial:

Hung out with the awesome twitter master Calvin Lee (@mayhemstudios):

Hung around the Austin Hilton pitching all sorts of awesome people, including Micael Yavonditte (@mikeyavo) who hated us – but which is sort of OK since he hates all location based services – including Foursquare:

And so much, much more.. .

Check out the Gauss blog for more.


We’ve been selected to showcase at Tech Cocktail’s SXSW event! (We need YOUR VOTE!)

I’m incredible excited and humbled to share with you that our bootstrapped startup Gauss – The People Magnet has been selected to showcase at the prestigious Tech Cocktail #Startuplife Celebration event at SXSW in Austin, TX on March 10th!

We’re honored to be selected for this group of highly esteemed startups!


for the People’s Choice Award! (Many of those other startups are well-funded and supported so we ned all the help we can get!)

Head over to this page, scroll down, check the button next to “ and click the button labeled “Vote” at the bottom of the page.


Help spread, tweet and share the message and VOTE for your favorite bootstrapped startup for the People’s Choice Award! Thank you! <3

If you want to talk, meet up, hang out and perhaps grab a beer or a coffee with us at SXSW, chat us up on twitter @getGauss, say hi on Facebook or drop us an email, call or iMessage us at +4915140133149.