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Frivolous Friday – The Friday the 13th Premiere

On every Friday I’ll try to give you all a little something-something. Be it music, advice, knowledge or a warm fuzzy feeling. To kick it all off, I’ll be lazy be doing some housecleaning:

Do you remember the times before the daily hustle and barter for new invites to the next social ├╝berkiller site? The time before myspace and flickr? Before mashups and mixups? The early days of Napster and before people had to try and find a Pirate Bay proxy to access the site?

Well, it’s not important that you do – all those hours of post traumatic stress disorder therapy probably did us all some good in the end – but back then I used to host music from talented unsigned friends on my server. I recently saw that the pages and the mp3s are still there beneath layers of dust and mold, so I thought I’d share them with you – as is. My friends are still making music under different and various names these days, but with no financial success – However, they are still relatively young. They’ll make it! Someday.

UPDATE 2013:Some of them went on to see some success.


First up there’s Bello Semen with four professionally recorded tracks If you’re into the likes of Jeff Buckley, I’m sure you won’t be disappointed. Give them a try!


Secondly, but by no means a runner-up, I offer you TBG on a http platter This old school dude made all his music on one sucky old PC. The eclectic style ranges from hip hop to game scores to old school chip tunes. Check him out if you’re into any of that lovable oldskool stuff!

UPDATE 2013:These days you can find TBG on Soundcloud.


Last – but by no means least – there’s BK This guy plays all instruments himself and records it in his own home studio. The style is hard to describe, but I’ll suggest tagging it as dark pop would not be jibing. Even if that sounds awkward, give it a try – it’s catchy!

UPDATE 2013: Check out his latest project DIM on MySpace

As I said, everything is provided ‘as is’. That is to say there are e.g. no streaming Flash goodness hiding behind those URLs. Take it as a sign of my lazyness snapshot of bygone times, or something equally crappy esoteric .

Be sure to leave a comment on how much you love or hate the music! It would be ueberkillercool if you’d also leave me some suggestions on what you’d like to see in the Frivolous Friday posts!