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First day of Plone Conf 2007

It’s now the 11th of October and the second day of the conference so I’m sort of lagging, but here are my impressions from yesterday.

The next best thing I took home with me on the first day of the Plone Conference 2007 in Naples, Italy – after meeting a lot of dear new and old faces – was attending the “Top Ten Ways to Get Involved with the Plone Community” speech by Darci Hanning (Scott Paley has an excellent writeup on his blog) and the “How to market Plone the Web2.0 way” by Christian “MrTopf” Scholz.

The Plone community is amazing. It is Plone. That said, we can be somewhat insular. A lot of the time we are preaching to the already converted. I think we are all aware of that. However, we’d all like to see Plone spreading even further and bring more converts into the fold.

What I loved about Darci’s talk was the numerous points on how people who are not software developers can get involved in the community and make great and important contributions, really driving home point that the community is not just for code centric people. I think they serve as great motivational arguments to engage and motivate more people from the “outside” to join the Plone community.

Darci Hanning

I think Christian’s points about reaching outside of the community and spreading the word of Plone using web2.0 and social media was a healthy dose of long due common sense and I hope it will inspire more members of the Plone community to network on social networks, blog, screencast and podcast more about Plone. He’s also streaming talks at the conference.

Christian “MrTopf” Scholz

You can find the some presentations held at Plone Conf 2007 on

More images from me will be up on flickr later today. In the meantime you can see what others have already uploaded on flickr by searching for the official tag ploneconf2007.

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‘Wag the Long Tail’ in Cologne, Germany

I attended a seminar called “Wag the Long Tail” in the Rheinpalais today. Unfortunately it turned out to be not about The Long Tail at all, but more about what some refer to as “web2.0“. However I thought I’d share some images. Have a look at my set on flickr for more.


Thomas Schindler from hundertelf and, and Christian ‘MrTopf’ Scholz.

Heiko Hebig

Heiko Hebig (sorry for spelling your name wrong on twitter!) gave the best and by far the most honest and professional presentation, even showing off twitter. (Too bad it did not have much to do about The Long Tail, though)


And then there was Ehrensenf (sort of a German rocketboom – not that relevant or funny anymore). Not too sure what they had to contribute, though. Truth be told we left before they got to say anything profound. Sorry you guys, but I’d had about enough at that time.