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Frivolous mp3 Friday – The Sequel

This is the sequel to my Frivolous Friday Premiere post.

Do you remember the times before the daily hustle and barter for new invites to the next social killer site? The time before myspace and flicker? When AJAX still meant detergent? Before mashups and mixups? Before DRM? The early days of Napster and

Back then I used to host music from talented unsigned friends on my own server. I recently saw that the pages and the mp3s are still there beneath layers of dust and mold, so I thought I’d share the remains with you – as is.

Feel free to use the music as you like as long as it is not for commercial purposes and please remember proper attribution.


First up we have three tracks from Lover’s Lane, featuring Marius Asp from ex Bello Semen and Erik Andreas Røkland among others. The style is rather pop-ish and definitely catchy.


Then there’s 17 (!) tracks by John Ebinger from Sailauf and the dark Spessart forest in the south of Germany. This one guy act can probably be described as dark electronica. My favorite is probably the Blumfeld Mix and Computerliebe – just can’t get them out of my head.


Lastly there’s that guy TBG again from my last post revisited! I discovered some additional mp3 files laying about and decided to upload them for your listening pleasure.

Enjoy the week-end and be sure to leave a comment on how you love or hate the artists!