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Autodesk’s ‘Lustre’ at IBC 2008

I happened to stumble in on an interesting presentation of the software based colour grading tool from Autodesk named ‘Lustre‘ at the IBC 2008 and bagged a small part of it. Have a look for yourself in the videos below.

Apologies for not catching the name of the presenters and for the poor sound quality of my Samsung NV8.

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A-cam dII World Premiere

Yes, I’m back – and as it happens I’m attending the International Broadcast Convention 2008 in Amsterdam. I’ll be posting some impressions over the following days.

The launch of the A-Cam dII from Ikonoskop was my personal highlight today. Check out the friendly presentation given to me at the IBC in the video below. This may even be a world first.

To recap, Ikonoskop launched a Super 16mm film revival when they produced the A-Cam SP-16 – a highly affordable and modern Super 16 motion picture camera – back in 2004. I don’t know about you, but I was quite ecstatic about the camera back then.

Then came the digital revolution with the RED ONE. Sure, I was quite ecstatic about that camera too. However, it was not like you could ever afford one any-day-real-soon-now.

Then we all some creamed our their pants when Nikon finally launched a DSLR with HD video capabilities with the D90 (which was a little late and should have been included with the D300 already, if you ask me).

Today Ikonoskop launched their digital heir (or rather companion) to the A-Cam SP-16, the A-Cam dII. They call it a ‘High Definition RAW Format Motion Picture Camera’. It feels rock solid and very user friendly to the touch.

It’s available from December this year at 6.950,- EUR plus VAT including all you need to get started. That’s HALF the price of a RED ONE body only. You can could preorder here.

Many thanks to Daniel Jonsäter who let me record his presentation. Thanks, Daniel!

Contrary to popular belief, Swedes and Norwegians do get along just fine. ;)