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Introducing +Andersen & Associates


People have been asking me what I’ve been up to in the last year and short answer is: I’ve been busy.

On the one hand busy supporting and nurturing the locals startup scene of Cologne grow and and teaching university students how to make their own mistakes instead of repeating my own mistakes when building a startup.

On the other hand, as a consequence of my experience with founding startups, working with corporations and teaching how to apply the scientific method to building startups at universities,   I’ve been receiving a lot of questions from my old corporate contacts. They’ve been asking me what they can learn from startups and which methodologies and processes they can use in their organization to create more innovation.  And the demand just kept on growing, so much so that I had to founded a new company to be able to serve the them.


In one part you could say it’s a return to my consulting roots, helping some of the largest corporations in the world. This is after all the world I’ve known for the largest part of my professional life. I’ve always worked with these behemoths in the past +15 years. I know their strengths and weaknesses – their inner workings – intimately.

And in another way it’s also it is still very much about startup entrepreneurship, combined with my pet peeve of education and science, experience and evidence based entrepreneurial education and processes.

Obviously, a corporation is not a startup. You can’t simply expect an enterprise to be able to copy how a startup works. You need to adapt the best practices of startup methodologies and venture capital for the corporate reality – with all its strengths and weaknesses.

So I did a lot of thinking and research. A lot of talking with my old corporate customers to understand their situation. A lot of talking with the few other thought leaders on changing corporate innovation to find out what they had already learned.

And as a result, I am now able to offer a comprehensive set of innovation programs for companies who are serious about creating lasting change, enabling continuous innovation as a data-driven, scalable and repeatable process from the bottom up and from the inside out.

Because we know that:

“Innovation won’t come from plans or people outside your company  – it will be found in the people you already have inside who understand your company’s strengths and its vulnerabilities.”​ – Steve Blank

Once we have helped your company set up the innovation program, it runs like an autonomous innovation engine, like an internal process like all other processes in your company.

We provide you with the education, training, training of trainers, methodologies, processes, innovation KPI, the digital tools and the HR to manage it all.

The Methodologies, Process, KPI and Management Tool

The Methodologies, Management Tools and KPIs

The Methodologies, Management Tools and KPI

  • A common language and understanding of innovation in your company
  • Accelerated speed of innovation
    Get results up to 50 times faster – and continuously – than with conventional innovation programs using the Lean Startup methodologies
  • Evidence-based
    Say goodbye to guesswork and doubts; No more flying blind
  • Data-Driven
    Data talks, bullshit walks; No more decisions based on PPP (Persuasion, Politics & PowerPoint)
  • Proven Pre-Acceleration Program, The Lean Launchpad/LLP from Stanford and Berkeley
    Taught at +30 accelerators +100 universities world wide, e.g. National Science Foundation went from 18% to 70% fundable innovations after using the LLP
  • Innovation Readiness Level KPI
    A formal way to assess innovation venture maturity and quantify relative risk, based on proven and tested NASA/ESA/DoD Technology Readiness Level KPI used to quantify relative risk
  • Digital, centralized Managagement Tool
    The Launchpad Central, a web-based tool created by a team out of Stanford, enables you to track, analyze and compare all your innovation ventures in real-time.
  • Scalable and predictable

The Process

Lots of little bets; The process, the engine for continuous innovation

Lots of little bets; The process, the engine for continuous innovation. Rinse, lather, repeat.

  • A gated, timed filtering process where more time and resources, more commitment is given based on KPIs
  • KPI/Data-Driven gates
  • Enables lots of little bets, investments in innovation ventures, with acceptable, calculated losses
  • Up to 50 times faster than the speed of conventional innovation processes
  • Up to 50 times more innovation experiments, amount learning compared to conventional innovation processes
  • Innovation type agnostic (supports horizon 1-3, incremental, sustaining and disruptive innovation)
  • Digital Management Tool for capturing ideas, decision making, tracking, monitoring, analyzing and scoring the innovation ventures
  • Runs like a continuous engine once installed
  • A scalable, predictable and repeatable process like all other processes in your corporation


Let’s face it; Real entrepreneurs make for really shitty employees. And I only work with real entrepreneurs. People with a deep understanding of, and real-life experience with, evidence based processes for innovation. People I know to be great teachers and genuinely interested in helping your organization achieve real change – not just cashing a monthly salary.

With an associates model, I’m able to provide entrepreneurs world-wide with a no-strings attached model to be making money and contribute to change on the side or when in-between startups.

The model allows me to scale globally with a minimum of resources and red tape and to already serve international corporations in English, German, French, Dutch, Persian and Chinese straight off the bat.

Education, education, education

Change always starts with education, with learning new ways of doing things. If you are interested in learning more about these innovation programs, send me an email or call me +4915140133149. I’m interested to learn more about your company and your innovation challenges, so let’s talk.