Yes, Moving On

Friends, as you know – within a month I got downsized and re-hired.

As I now touch on the topic again, it is to tell you that the last re-hire did not work out. Not for me, nor for the company who hired me.

Wrong timing, we all agreed. Time to move on. It’s ok.

Hindsight has 20/20 vision. I probably shouldn’t have jumped headfirst into another relationship within the same month that I got out of an old one. On the other hand, we didn’t marry and we didn’t have any kids – thus the breakup was quite clean and amicable. So you know, it won’t be awkward seeing us together again at that cocktail party. On the contrary; it will be good sporting fun. Shift happens. We’re both mature enough to deal with that. Just don’t let us share the cab home – who knows what could happen. ;)

I am really greatful that I got to know a bunch of very talented and brilliant people during my short stint. I’d say that alone made it worth the experience.

Alas, as of now I am a free agent, taking time to enjoy life and to enjoy the good conversation with new and old friends.

As always, I’m looking for great new conversations – so do not hesitate to get in touch. I know you have some great stories to share!