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We made it to Silicon Valley!

So because of you guys, I am now an official Lean Launchpad Instructor as trained by Steve Blank and Jerry Engel at Stanford – And I’m coming back to teach this most awesome curriculum for startup entrepreneurs in and around Cologne!

And the campaign didn’t go unnoticed by Steve: At our final presentations in front of him and the whole 91 educators strong class, I wore one of my sponsors’ t-shirts prominently featuring the central Steve-ism “Get out of the building!”, one of the core tenets of Customer Development, upon he laughingly took a minute to let me explain to class what that t-shirt was all about.

I was thus given the opportunity to explain to everybody present in class at Stanford that the Cologne startup community had sponsored my trip – and they loved it. There was a massive applause and laughter, a lot of pictures being taken. Steve even tweeted it live from class.

Previously that week, I had also been on a panel speaking about local challenges and opportunities where I spoke about the advantages of Cologne as a regional startup cluster and I think this little last gesture convinced a lot of people in the class that we do indeed have a vibrant and solid startup community in Cologne.

As the campaign and the program is now over, I thought I’d share some of the stats from it below.


Steve & Me @ Stanford on “graduation day”


The Numbers

Views: 4,198
Total views to the campaign page – includes views by the same visitor.

Funders: 52

Contributions: 2.118€ of 1.042€ – 203,26% of the goal

Time to meet goal: 12 hours (wow – you guys are amazing!)

Campaign running time: 19 days

Followers of campaign: 55

Referrals: 1,707
Number of visits resulting from someone sharing this campaign using widgets, Facebook, Twitter, and emails from the ‘Share This Campaign’ section on IndieGoGo.

Facebook Likes: 243

Tweets: 32

Google+ Shares: 13

Number of contributors, Cologne vs Outside: 23 / 29

Amount of contributions, Cologne vs Outside: 1.028€ / 1.090€

Made the IndieGoGo Frontpage


Holy crap! We made the global front page of IndieGoGo!


The awesome Jerry Engel of Berkeley Haas & me @ Stanford