Plone, Weird

Yet Another Plone Spotting Competition

Today I was inspired by a comment left by Alexander on my last post about Plone icons in Media Wiki.

I had totally forgot that also other elements of the original Plone icon set have spread like wildfire all over them there internets. For instance this ‘Print’ icon:


Chances are that you have already seen this icon somewhere on the web or in an application. I can remember even spotting it in the classic slsk (Soulseek) p2p client.

‘So, what’s the competition?’ I hear you murmur. Well, send me all your weirdest spottings of the Plone Print (printer) icon in the wild by Saturday the 22nd of March, and I’ll draw a winner that will receive an American Apparel T-shirt (in the size of their choosing) with signed version of the original Printer artwork on it.

Happy hunting!

BTW, if you’re interested in computer icons – check out some interesting books on the subject.


Ninja vs Pirate

As I was reading the latest blog entry from Eric ‘Spin’ Rice this morning, it struck me that I’m wearing a matching t-shirt today. I thought I’d share so I snapped a picture with an old Ixus 430 laying around.

Ninja vs Pirate

I’m currently a management ninja. I get in there and get the job done swiftly and stealthy for my corporate overlords. When I pull out, nobody knows what I did and nobody noticed that I was there. The only thing people notice is their problem has somehow magically gone away, their will has been done, their agendas executed by an invisible ghostly hand.

What are you?