Hella Hamburg

I (and most likely almost all of you) never thought it would come to this; I actually completed a half-marathon, the Hella Hamburg Half-Marathon. Yay!

Albeit on inline skates.


Albeit with busted ball-bearings. In cold gusty head winds. In the pouring rain.

It was a literal hell on wheels – imagine chewing on a tablespoon of sand and you’ll get a feeling for how smooth and effortless my ball-bearings were turning – but at least I didn’t quit. I kept going until I crossed the bitcoin games casino finish line. Only to skate in to the right (but the wrong) side of the time recording mat. Doh!

Camera Roll-464

Oh, well. Finishing instead of throwing my skates in the Binnenalster and quitting the race was enough of a victory for me.

Mental note to self: Bring an extra set of ball-bearings or skates to the next competition.