Little Known Fact, Plone, Weird


If you happen to visit Wikipedia or Wikileaks from time to time, chances are you’ve seen this faceless person sitting on top of the page staring down at you:

However, chances are that you’ve probably never really asked yourself where it comes from. Then again, who in their right mind would? ;)


Funny thing is, this icon – among others on Wikipedia, is actually from the original icon set of the Plone CMS.

Media Wiki later as a true testament to the amazing work of the Plone CSS developer community, shall we say blatantly stole ‘borrowed’ the whole Plone CSS – complete with the icons. Then Wikipedia and Wikileaks made use of Media Wiki and the rest is – as they say – history. So now you know.

Funny thing for me is, that I am the one who actually created the Plone icon set and as an afterthought after I had finished completing the whole UX design concept. Because there were no open source icons that didn’t suck ass at the time I actually had to make some icons too.

Please leave a comment if you have seen other Plone icons in the wild.