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Netvibes is broken fixed

In an answer to my mail to the Netvibes support, Lolita [sic] just wrote me that I should try accessing Netvibes using the following URL: Voila! It brought back my content. My thanks to the netvibes support team for their fast response and solution!

The problem:

It’s now two days since I noticed a strange behavior from; Most of my content is gone when accessing the service in a normal browser. I wondered how that could be as I’ve been accessing the version from my mobile on the same days and being able to see said missing content.

This screen shot shows how one of my pages turns up empty when accessing using (any) normal browser:

This next screen shot shows how the same page is shown with content when accessing

This really takes the fun out of using netvibes. I’m growing more frustrated by the minute.

There’s no mention of any unexpected behavior in the netvibes blog, though. Is anyone else experiencing weird behavior from or is it just me?