In Silicon Valley, life seems easy

So I finally went to Silicon Valley and visited Google at the Googleplex in Mountain View. If working for Google already sounds attractive to you, chances are it may look even more so upon visiting the mother ship.


As I was in the area, I just had to stop by the legendary Xerox parc in Palo Alto and pay my dues. The home of the GUI and numerous other firsts. Obligatory geek homage.

xerox parc

Though not really an Apple fanboi, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity aussie online casinos to pop by Infinite Loop 1 in Cupertino for a quick pose. On another note, it was also interesting to see the actual offices  of the guys and gals I’d been previously only been talking on the phone with from across the Atlantic. (A work thing. Nothing exiting. Don’t ask – I’d have to kill you. ;)