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Introducing +A RECRUITMENT


I’m currently at the arrrrrsome 4th European Pirate Summit in Cologne, and upon arriving there yesterday and within three hours, I had received three job requests from devs and entrepreneurs and one company told me they were searching for a talent to fill a new developer outreach position.

I keep getting these kinds of requests all the time. Not a week goes by where I don’t get at least three or four asks from either people or companies. Some of them require the likes of a background check for Ohio. It really makes you think about what kind of work you could be doing to warrant such a check. Then again it may simply be a matter of a no drugs policy. Overall I’ve gotten so many requests that it got me thinking.

On the one hand, I’ve been providing friends and friends of friends and their friends in the tech industry with both job opportunities and new talent for over 18 years now, similar to firms like Peak PEO and others. You know how it is; People love to work with people they already know and trust.

On the other, I teach entrepreneurs if you think there’s a demand – build something to test if your guesses are true! Get it out there with a MVP (Minimum Viable Product) and let the market tell you if your guesses are true.

So I thought some more about how to hold myself accountable to my own teachings and at the same time make this activity easier for everybody and more accessible for all.

Then there are the personal HR needs I have for +ANDERSEN & ASSOCIATES to provide top freelance talent like developers, designers and Entrepreneurs in Residence (EIR) for our corporate F500 innovation programs.

So I just went ahead and built it! Introducing +A RECRUITMENT


  • Labour: ca. 3 man hours, free, by me
  • Static Themeforest Template: 16 USD
  • Database: Google Drive, free
  • Domain: 15 USD / year
  • Hosting: 5 USD / month

Now, less than 24 hours after launch and no marketing, I’m happy to report that I already have two job opportunities and seven talents in the database. I think that’s pretty cool.

So now you know there’s an answer to your question if you’re looking for new exciting job opportunities or if you’re looking for new talents for your company in the tech industry: +A RECRUITMENT

Lessons Learned

  • If you think there’s a business demand – test for facts, don’t live on belief
  • If it takes less than a day – just build it
  • Buy / outsource what you can – consider price vs quality vs time to market
  • KISS – Keep It Simple Stupid, don’t overthink it
  • Keep optionality – don’t quit your day job yet
  • MVPs talk, bullshit walks