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Fist to the face!

As I was walking home last night from the BarCampCologne2 party in Lichtstrasse I got p0wned!

I was dead tired and minding my own business, but as I was passing Live Music Hall some motherfucker apparently mentally challenged person decided to take a swing at me, flooring me with a hook to the left cheek.

I guess the guy hits like a girl – nothing broke. Retaliation was not an option as I was drunk and dead tired he had his minions at his side.

I have no idea why it happened. I did however notice that my t-shirt was getting a lot of strange attention earlier in the day:

Dead Kennedys logo

Maybe some ignorant Germans thought this had something to do with fascism or Neo-Nazism? I don’t know. And I thought Dead Kennedys were all about the polar opposite? Well, I stand per fist to the face corrected. You really showed me there. There’s nothing quite like re-education by fist!

It left me a bit shocked. Cologne is usually a peaceful city and I’m never concerned that something like this will happen. Has anything like this ever happened to you? Have you been the victim of random violence? Please share your experiences in the comments!