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Why Corporates Engage with Startups @ Henkel

Henkel HQ, Düsseldorf

Recently I was invited by Henkel to keynote at “Henkel Startup-Day”, an internal innovation event at their HQ with +300 participants about why and how corporations engage with startups (and sometimes vice versa).

A participant describing my Keynote:

[…] Vidar Andersen, asked us to talk to a person we don’t know at all. A fairly easy task: I turned to the left and talked to a guy that was doing a dual course of studies with Henkel. At that moment he was writing about collaboration between companies and startups. Stunning, his enthusiasm and concentration paying attention to every single detail that was said. Andersen made one point clear that big companies have to be faster and adapt flexibly to startups’ pace in order to be successful. He also mentioned a splendid quote from Claus Schwab: “In the new world, it’s not the big fish that eats the small fish. It’s the fast fish that eats the slow fish”. With his funny sayings he made the audience laugh their ass off.  – Amina Mrad on Medium

These these were the slides I used:

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Corporate Innovation – On Onassis’ Yacht

On a boat…

Who says corporate innovation has to be boring?

The office today… A yacht previously owned by Onassis.

I don’t often post about what we do with +ANDERSEN & ASSOCIATES for corporations and their innovation programs, because they don’t hire us for me to have yet another stage to talk about myself.

But from time to time I make an exception. This is one of those times.

Today, the office for the regular support and feedback session with the innovation teams of a Dutch corporate customer was a bit different.

It was on a yacht. And not any old yacht. A yacht previously owned by Onassis.

You might know I’m a huge opponent of running a corporate innovation theatre, so why a yacht as an office?

First of all, it’s important to get the innovation teams off-site, as far away from the long arm of daily operations for these kinds of sessions. (And as an added bonus, if you chose somewhere nice, it doesn’t hurt the inspiration of the teams.)

Secondly, we’re darn frugal. It was cheaper to rent the yacht than renting a off-site conference facility for the same day. Incredible!

The captain explaining the technology capabilities of the conference room…


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The New Innovation Metrics, KPIs and Management Tools

Recently I held a talk about the new metrics, KPIs and management tools large companies can use to achieve innovation as a process as a part of the ongoing talk series on Corporate Entrepreneurship at Startplatz, Cologne.

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Here are the slides I used:

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Introducing +Andersen & Associates


People have been asking me what I’ve been up to in the last year and short answer is: I’ve been busy.

On the one hand busy supporting and nurturing the locals startup scene of Cologne grow and and teaching university students how to make their own mistakes instead of repeating my own mistakes when building a startup.

On the other hand, as a consequence of my experience with founding startups, working with corporations and teaching how to apply the scientific method to building startups at universities,   I’ve been receiving a lot of questions from my old corporate contacts. They’ve been asking me what they can learn from startups and which methodologies and processes they can use in their organization to create more innovation.  And the demand just kept on growing, so much so that I had to founded a new company to be able to serve the them.


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