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Startup Day at University of Cologne

Fresh off the boat from Silicon Valley and back in Cologne town, I was recently invited to give visitors and students an introduction to The Lean Startup at the Startup Day at the University of Cologne arranged by the HGNC.

Panel debate on venture capital and startup ecosystems

Panel debate on venture capital and startup ecosystems


And of course there was no better occasion to debut the new CGN <3<3<3 Startups t-shirt.

Here are the slides I used:

If you want to book me too, shoot me an email and let’s talk.

A video report from the event (German):

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Pitch Your Startup Like a Pro

As I’ve been around the world pitching my own startup at some of the world’s most prestigious pitching events, one of the ways I’m paying it forward to our local startup ecosystem is by teaching our startups how to pitch at the Rhineland Pitch in Cologne, Germany – a tier one startup pitching event that aims to educate our regional startups and raise our pitching quality to better compete worldwide.


If you want to practice your own pitch, I’ve shared the slide deck I use at the free pitch coaching session each month below. And don’t forget to apply for the next Rhineland Pitch – See you there!

Crowd Funding, Lessons Learned

Lessons Learned from Crowdfunding

I recently shared what I learned from one failed and one successful crowdfunding on IndieGoGo at the recent Crowdfunding Roundtable Cologne.


Here are the slides I used.

Check out my previous posts that the presentation was based on for more depth:

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