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Plone Cathedral Sprint 2010 a success!

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I’d like to offer all the participants a big THANK YOU! Looking forwards to be seeing you guys either in Sorento and/or Bristol. You rock! Seriously.

The official German DZUG press release describes the results of the sprint quite well, so I thought I’d be a lazy bastard attach my crude translation below. Feel free to quote it, reuse and repost it as you may see fit.

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Plone Cathedral Sprint 2010 in Cologne

This week I’m attending the first Plone Sprint held in my hometown of Cologne! The aim of the sprint is to focus on completing tasks for the upcoming major release of version 4.0 and even the next incremental version 4.1.

I’m working on the sprint group that is trying to clean up the search interface and make the Plone search experience a little bit better.  I think we’re making some progress already – and as always – it’s great fun! :)


Yes, I’ve got a new job!

Friends, from the first of March I have a new job (in the inner city of Cologne, and all). Due to acutely fortunate circumstances I have been hired, effective immediately.

I’ve been fortunate to join people interactive GmbH and I’m very appreciative and thankful for the outreach and concern they gratiously showed immediately after me being downsized.   This new found opportunity will enable the customers that I was previously working closely with  to remain in contact (yes, you guys – this means you won’t get rid of me! I will still be there for you) and I will be able to continue with global strategy development and previous long term commitments.  I am thrilled to share my experience with – and learn a lot more from – this highly accomplished and award winning company.

I’d like to take this moment offer my heartfelt thanks to everybody showing your love and support in the interim. I’m very humbled.  Many thanks to the other companies showing their sincere interest in my soul skills, knowledge and experience – you all know who you are. I’m very grateful and humbled by your attention and most generous offers. You guys all rock my world!

I’m pretty stoked about my new colleagues and the new opportunities. The future’s so bright I need a second pair of shades.