flickr now supports videos – 90 seconds / 150 MB

What many of us have been waiting for is finally here. has finally added video sharing features. At this point, the video features are only available to pro subscribers (paying customers).

The new video service looks highly integrated and it is a snap to use. Personally, I’m comfortable with the 90 seconds and/or 150MB limit – at this point in time. So far I find the compression, audio and colour quality very, very good. All in all a very nice addition to an already great service.

To try out this new service, I’ve uploaded the last minute penalty shot and goal for 1.FC Köln vs Gladbach.

It looked like 1.FC Köln was set to lose the match, but thankfully the game ended 1:1 with the equalizing penalty in the 90th minute.

Software, Usability registration form does not play nice

I’ve been trying to register on since yesterday, but I keep getting an incredulous error message when entering the captcha correctly:

ustream registration form

I’m on Win XP using Firefox I’ve tried c leaning the cache. I’ve tried everything. It fails to accept a correct captcha on every session.

Is this happening to you too or is it just me? Am I an idiot doing something wrong? Leave me a comment and tell me how it’s working out for you!