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Featured in “Die Welt”

So it turns out there was a journalist from “Die Welt” at my recent talk at FuckUp Nights Duesseldorf and here’s the resulting piece.


On a side note, we need to keep educating journalists on the difference between “Existenzgr├╝ndung” (lifestyle business founder and freelancers mostly exchanging their hours for money) and startup founders. One doesn’t equal the other.

That the journalist writes I had a “Karriereknick” (career bend, in the negative sense) also goes to show that they have little knowledge of the world of startups. I’m a startup founder. Risk of failure is assumed as real. Not an office hero, chasing the 9-5 career. One does not equal the other. The failure I spoke of was harsh, but it was the best learning experience I’ve ever had so far. If anything, it was a career bend in the positive sense upwards and onwards.

And I was wearing a OnePiece Onesie, not a track suit. Let’s get that straight too. :)

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Keynoting London Intrapreneurship Conference

Screen Shot 2015-08-20 at 10.59.48

I’m delighted to announce that I have been invited as a keynote speaker to the London Intrapreneurship Conference. As you might already know, I’ve been helping large corporations with achieving continuous innovation as a process for some time now through my +ANDERSEN & ASSOCIATES.

I’m very excited to be sharing what we’ve learned so far, that we now know it is possible to run innovation as a data driven process internally in large companies, that we now have innovation metrics (KPIs) and the management tools needed.

UPDATE: Here are the slides.

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MEWEEK 15 – Maastricht Week of Entrepreneurship 2015


In what has now become somewhat of a yearly tradition, I was still honored and delighted to be invited yet again to this year’s edition of the Maastricht Week of Entrepreneurship 2015.

This time around I was invited to hold a Lean Startup and Customer Development Masterclass and sit on a panel discussion about the future of entrepreneurial education.


The Maastricht Week of Entrepreneurship is in the region of Limburg the largest entrepreneurship event. Happening yearly, the ME Week aims to bring together around 500 students and entrepreneurs for an exciting 3 day program highlighted by workshops, presentations and lectures. Participants get inspired, network, share practices, and ask for advice.

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